Vision: Building Future Jewish Leaders

The Abraham Scholarship, the first Jewish international educational fellowships focuses on identifying and nurturing future leaders of the Jewish people. The scholarship was initiated to bring outstanding students from top universities throughout the United States to explore their heritage and traditions in leading yeshivot and seminaries in Israel.  Due to the fact that many Jewish students have little or no contact with advanced Jewish learning, the Abraham Scholarship was designed to allow top students the opportunity to expand their experiences and knowledge of classic Jewish texts, and develop themselves to become leaders in the Jewish community. The opportunity to study in Israel, in the land which serves as a source of inspiration for Jews throughout the world, creates an atmosphere where students are able to develop a familiarity with their heritage, while living in the historic homeland of the Jewish People.

The criteria for selection as an Abraham Scholar includes demonstrating overall strong academic achievement, exceptional character, and excellent leadership qualities.  Abraham Scholars form the core of a group of  committed and active Jewish college graduates who want to challenge themselves, both intellectually and spiritually and who wish to have a positive long term impact on the Jewish community both as a participant and a leader. 

Abraham Scholars are selected through a process by which they are recommended to apply for an Abraham Scholarship by either a local Hillel director, a local campus Rabbi, or a Rabbi in the community in which the candidate attended college.  Outstanding intellectual distinction is a prerequisite but not enough to qualify as an Abraham Scholar.  The selection committee looks for excellence in academic achievement, along with leadership qualities and a commitment to developing a familiarity with traditional Jewish philosophical, ethical and legal sources and the Hebrew language.  Most Abraham Scholars apply during their senior year of college, and are awarded the scholarship prior to graduation.  Recent college graduates are also encouraged to apply. However, students who are interested in studying in Israel prior to completing their college degree will not be eligible.

Election to the Abraham Scholarship is for one year. The scholarship helps cover educational costs. In addition, scholars recieve a stipend towards travel costs and expenses incurred during their year abroad. Some students who are not elected to the Abraham Scholarship may qualify for a smaller grant based on their strength as a candidate.

Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate exceptional intellectual capability. Official college transcripts must be submitted along with your application. A letter of recommendation from your campus rabbi or advisor is also required.

The Abraham Scholarship owes its origin to the remarkable vision expressed by the pioneering entrepreneur and philanthropist S. Daniel Abraham. He has inspired and challenged his family and friends with developing greatness in the Jewish people and identifying and nurturing future Jewish leaders.


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