S. Daniel Abraham is a leading American entrepreneur, a pioneer in both the pharmaceutical and diet food business, and a leading philanthropist both in the United States and in Israel.  Mr. Abraham is known internationally for his marketing innovations in the pharmaceutical industry, and his success has been recognized by his inclusion in the Forbes 400, the annual list of the most successful people in America.

In 1947, shortly after returning from Europe where he served as an infantryman in the U.S. Army,  Mr. Abraham purchased the Thompson Medical Company, Inc. which at the time sold a single product, with annual sales of $5,000. Under his leadership, Thompson Medical developed into a vastly successful over-the-counter pharmaceutical company with numerous leading brands which are still sold throughout the world. His keen interest in the weight loss industry led him to develop Slim-Fast Foods, which is the one of the most innovative and successful weight loss nutritional food companies in the world.

Mr. Abraham has always turned his own fortune into good fortune for others. As a leading philanthropist, he focuses on the problems solved by charities, rather than the popularity of the organization.  Healthcare, education, religious and racial tolerance, and work in ending the conflict between Israel and her neighbors are among his most important causes.   Mr. Abraham has very strong ties to Israel which he expresses through deep personal involvement and through philanthropy.  He is a close friend of many top leaders in Israel and throughout the Middle East and through these personal channels he works tirelessly to help bring an end to the Middle East conflict.

He has received Honorary Doctoral Degrees from the Israeli universities of Bar Ilan, Ben Gurion and Tel Aviv, as well as from Yeshiva University in New York City.  Mr. Abraham and his wife Ewa reside in Palm Beach, Florida with their daughter Sarah and son Sam. Mr. Abraham also has four grown daughters, twenty-five grandchildren and three great-grandchilren who reside in the United States, Israel and England.


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